Career opportunities

​Young people today face a challenging job market, especially if they’re struggling in school. We take young people out of the classroom and into the natural world, teaching them practical, job-ready skills they can apply in Australia’s rapidly growing pollination industry. 


A booming industry

Pollination services provided to the agricultural sector by honey bees have an annual economic value of $6 billion in Victoria alone and the industry has potential for tremendous growth above and beyond this figure. For example, the Australian almond industry predicts will need an additional 110,000 hives by 2025 to pollinate its orchards and even now the beekeeping industry is scrambling to keep up with qualified beekeepers to meet the demand. In Victoria, for example, the average age of a beekeeper is 65 and there are currently only 250 registered commercial beekeepers state-wide. .​

Ready to work

Young people who complete the Sweet Justice program are ideally placed to take the skills they learned in the program and seize these amazing opportunities, entering a booming industry equipped with a skill-set that is highly in-demand. We work closely with our industry partners to build the experience and employability of our young people, not only through training but through our placement program.