Meet Claire

Sweet Justice is run by Claire Moore, a beekeeper and farmer from Kyneton in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges. Claire’s work in the beekeeping industry earned her the 2019 Agrifutures Victorian Rural Woman of the Year award and she has been training budding beekeepers for years. 

Claire is an innovator at the cutting edge of the bee industry, exploring possible research areas in bee genetics with University of Melbourne scientists and working with Victoria’s Department of Agriculture on emerging biosecurity challenges, as well as being a keen breeder of genetically diverse queen bees. 


Claire’s story

Claire’s passion for bees is driven by the challenges facing bee populations across the world. Always fascinated by queen breeding, she decided early on she wanted to be a queen breeder rather than a beekeeper for honey.

Bees have been her lifelong passion. Claire grew up in a very small town called Bellbrae, near Victoria’s Great Ocean Road and attended Geelong College, later moving to Melbourne where she completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in political science. After graduation, Claire worked in finance and spent more than a decade working in the city in stockbroking, but her heart was elsewhere. 

Claire purchased her first hive, which she still has, in 2007. 

“I naively brought the hive home in the back of a two-door hatchback with bees escaping while driving down the Eastern Freeway!”


“Eventually I left my career in the city and moved into bees and the world of regenerative farming and my life has never been the same since.”